Is it possible for breakfast to be both healthy and sinful?

Granola and beignets
Beignets and yogurt at Spring Orleans. Photo credit: Enrique Serrano

The three beignets crowded the plate. The warm pastries, fried dough about the size of fist, were topped with a generous coating of powdered sugar that spilled onto the table when the waitress at Springs Orleans restaurant set the dish down.

I looked at the fritter-like treat and wondered: Would my Greek yogurt topped with blueberries, raspberries and granola make up for the indulgence? How about if I factored in my grapefruit juice?

It was our first breakfast during our vacation in Colorado Springs. My husband and I were staying at The Mining Exchange hotel. Springs Orleans restaurant is next door. Because the restaurant serves the hotel, the keyword “beignets” kept appearing when I read the hotel reviews. Many visitors raved. Some called them the best outside of Café Du Monde in New Orleans.

I knew we had to try them.


My Madrileño husband was unfamiliar with the beignet. He likened them to a buñuelo – only with the addition of powdered sugar.

It has been a long time since I’ve been to Café Du Monde – and I am not an expert on beignets – but they were delicious. And only three dollars for the plate of three. As I type this post a week later from St. Louis, I find myself wishing I had more.

Pairing the beignets with yogurt turned out to be a good decision. I try to eat a healthy diet at home. When we travel, I don’t like to completely abandon good food choices. The Greek yogurt served at the restaurant was thick and creamy; not too sweet. The fruit on top tasted fresh; the raspberries were my favorite. What the beignets lacked in nutrition and protein, the yogurt provided.

And even though the beignets added lots of sugar and calories, I reasoned that I’d work it off later in the day, while hiking Devil’s Playground on Pikes Peak.

For me, sampling new dishes and splurging just a bit on desserts, is one of the joys of taking a holiday. When you travel, do you prefer to take a vacation from your usual food routine and go all-out with indulgences? Do you opt for a mix of healthy foods and decadent treats? Or do you prefer to stick as close as you can to the tried-and-true foods you eat at home?

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Patio seating at Springs Orleans

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