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Why this colorful flower is my favorite writing cheerleader


Only a few weeks ago, I thought this flower was a fail. But it turned out to be a gardening win. And while it lasts, for me it is more than a zinnia. It is my writing cheerleader.

In the summer, I like to work from my screened-in back porch. It is a small, cozy space that allows me to be outdoors without getting ravaged by mosquitoes. I work in front of my Surface that I place on an outdoor table-for-two covered in a bright blue tablecloth that came from Spain and belonged to my husband’s grandmother.

From my perch, I gaze out over the raised vegetable beds and flower borders. The orange zinnia, which started from the seed of a flower I dried last year, is currently one of the showiest plants in my small urban garden. It is also a spot that my eyes often seek when my imagination wanders.

I’ve been slogging through re-writes and edits of my second novel. I thought I’d be done by now. And yet, I’m only halfway there. Some days, I feel like I’m unraveling a story more than weaving it.

When my writing stalls, I remember that the zinnia once seemed stuck. And suddenly, it wasn’t. Patience, persistence, and a bit of luck can pay off. What is frustrating today can turn into something promising tomorrow.

Do you encounter creative roadblocks or barriers to realizing a long-term goal? What do you do to keep striving?


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