Gardening, Quotes

A unique way to meditate in the morning

by Geri L. Dreiling

Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

–Hans Christian Andersen

Watering my garden is my morning meditation. I live in the heart of the city; in a house with a small plot of land. One of the things I love about the urban environment is that cramped quarters require creativity. Sidewalks become flower bed borders, chain link fence turn into supports for clingy cucumber vines.

Do you enjoy gardening or simply walking in gardens? What’s your favorite way to meditate in the morning.

Cucumber Bloom
Cucumber Bloom
Hanging Begonia
Hanging Begonia
Geranium and Day Lillies
Pink Geranium and Yellow Day Lillies
Delphinium…I think. I planted this perennial a long time ago, so now I’m not sure. If you know for sure, please post a comment.



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