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Here’s a psychological thriller you shouldn’t miss

A book review of A Circumstance of Blood

by Geri L. Dreiling

Circumstance of Blood Book Cover.jpgSarah Markham is a seasoned journalist who agrees to do a favor for an old friend, Father Colin McAvoy. And like many good deeds that go awry, Markham’s generosity lands her in the midst of a murder investigation.

Markham is skilled at detecting bits of verbal and nonverbal clues that can yield insight into character and personality. Father McAvoy asks Markham to use her talents to help him decide whether a new student poses a danger to an all-boys school that the priest founded. But soon, a death at the school under suspicious circumstances has Markham trying to figure out if there is a murderer on the campus.

A Circumstance of Blood by Jeannette Batz Cooperman is a psychological thriller with theological undertones that weaves an intricate tale of desire, delusion, and selfishness among an assorted cast of characters. Cooperman is an accomplished journalist and writer who uses her knowledge of the craft such as the importance of well-placed sources and an understanding of media machinations to create the intriguing protagonist, Sarah Markham.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve had the pleasure working with Cooperman as an alt-weekly writer. And I frequently use Cooperman’s narrative nonfiction work as an example in some of my classes.

If you’re looking for a psychological thriller with a literary bent for your summer reading, check out A Circumstance of Blood.

What do you recommend for summer reading?


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