Bikes in Berlin

Berlin Granny_edit.jpg

Who rides bikes in and around Berlin? Girls with glasses. Grannies with gray hair. Men in suits. Women in hats and gloves. Even the mail carrier makes deliveries using a bright yellow bike.

During my visit to Berlin and the surrounding towns, it was cold and wet. The temperature was usually just above or below freezing. It rained on most of the days we were there. But the weather did not dampen the resolve of the Berlin bicyclists.

mail carrier_edit.jpgBerlin bike rack_edit.jpg

2 thoughts on “Bikes in Berlin”

    1. Lana,
      St. Louis started a bike sharing program in April. It has been quite successful. I’m really happy to see it take off. We have a lot of bike lanes in St. Louis — but I wish they were protected lanes. Maybe someday.

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